libjson is a small C library and small codebase that packs an efficient parser and a configurable printer. libjson is covered by the LGPLv2 license, or at your option the LGPLv3 license.

Here's the feature of libjson:

Interruptible parser

Get the JSON data to the parser any way you want; by appending char by char, or string chunks, the input reading is completely left to the caller.

No object model integrated

easy integration with any model by the means of a simple callback.

Small codebase

handcoded parser and efficient factorisation make the code smalls.


use efficient code, and small parsing tables to not do any extra work and remains as fast and efficient as possible.

Full JSON support

tested through a small and precise testsuite.

No native conversion

callback only string of data and leave the actual representation of data to the caller



Optionally support YAML/python comments and C comments.


Supports projects-specific allocation functions to integrate completely with projects

Utility program

jsonlint utility provided with the library to verify, or reformat json stream. also useful as example on how to use the library.